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Many Thanks Jewel!

Interview With Jewel Staite

1. ME: Was Suzee originally supost to be "real" or imaginary?
JEWEL: Suzee was always supposed to be real. We planned on her becoming visible right from day one, we just didn't know we'd have to do it this soon!
2. ME: Is your hair on the show a wig or did they color your hair?
JEWEL: I wear a wig on the show. My real hair is long and dark blonde.
3. ME: Which character took the longest to get ready? How long do you take?
JEWEL: In hair and make-up I took forty five minutes--not really too long. Kristian took two and a half hours and Anik(Thelma) took about three hours. Paige, now that she wears a bald cap, is about an hour and fifteen. Also, Becky takes quite a while because they have to touch up her rainbow streaks a lot.
4. ME: Who did you most enjoy working with on the set?
JEWEL: I couldn't really decide who I most like to work with. They're all like a big family. Kristian and I are the closest because he's like my big brother and we look out for each other. Also, scenes with Anik are always fun because she makes me laugh--she BREATHES and I think it's hysterical.
5. ME: Why do Radu and Rosie always wear those gloves?
JEWEL: They wear the gloves so they don't have to go around with make-up all day on their hands. Rosie mainly wears them to keep control of her body heat.
6. ME: Who takes the longest to get ready for filming?
JEWEL: Again, I'd have to say Anik, since she has a lot of wardrobe to put on and her make-up is so complex. "Elmira", Katie McIninch, takes a really long time since every part of her skin has to be colored green. Her costume's pretty uncomfortabe.
7. ME: What is your favourite episode?
JEWEL: My favorite episode is the Impossible Dram. I loved the effects and the performances were great as well as the writing
8. ME: Are you ever comming back to Space Cases?
JEWEL: I might be coming back as soon as my contract is over with Flash Forward, but it's really kind of a toss up. It's hard to say what fate has in store for me, but I would really like to come back for at least a couple of episodes.
9. ME: Do you still keep in contact with any of the other members of space cases?
JEWEL: I keep in contact with everybody. Kristian flies to Toronto to visit when I'm doing Flash, and I go to Montreal when everyone's shooting Space Cases.
10. ME: What is your favorite music and food?
JEWEL: My fave music is R&B, but I like some alternative like No Doubt. I also really like show tunes(don't laugh!). They're best to sing to, something I like to do just as a hobbie. As for my favorite food, I love any of it, except anything too spicy. Sometimes I go on these health kicks where it's just fruit and veggies and water, but I have to give in to a Wendy's chicken club sometimes. I could also live on Tostitos with guacamole and those Pillsberry bread rolls(yum).
11. ME: Do you have any pets?
JEWEL: I have two cats named Gabrielle and Tempest in Vancouver and I have a yorkie with me named Malibu right now.